Dreamscapes of insects and pollinators that are sometimes considered pests, floating and flying through clouds and flowers.
Petit Prints
Lino and block prints with subtle and not so subtle environmental messages.
I’m hoping that humans are evolving on a cellular level, much like superbugs. I hope that this evolution is positive and spiritual – a kind of balance to the fear and negativity that comes from superbugs and other problems that humans face.The cell series is a hopeful visual representation of positive human physical and spiritual evolution at the cellular level, which hopefully grows a little cell of extra happiness in the viewer.
Two for JoyParched Flora I
Much like fast fashion, we are living in a world of fast flowers, where we can purchase any type of flower we like, during any season for a relatively cheap price. Sadly, just like the garment factory workers the people who work to grow these flowers are mostly women and work in dangerously toxic conditions.By capturing these flowers in their dried state, I want to remember and make permanent all the hard work that was required to get these short-lived flowers into our hands. All of the flowers that I have painted were, for a fleeting moment, part of flower arrangements at events and celebrations that I attended over the past several years.