Parched Flora Update

I had such a great time at my show reception, I can’t believe it’s been a month since it happened! So many of my friends came out. I wish I had taken time to take more photos, but a few of the people who came out I hadn’t seen in years and I was too busy catching up to be bothered with lugging my camera around.

I wish I could properly express my gratitude to everybody who took time out to come see my show, at the reception and through out the month. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough. For the first time ever, I also sold my art! My art clients were all friends, but the prospect of having my paintings hanging on a wall that isn’t my own is so thrilling!

A big huge thank you to Denise, Joe, Noriko, Mike, Elynn, Alyson, Liz, Ferzin and AD for your support!! I’m slowly scanning in all the new paintings, but please visit the Parched Flora portfolio pages to see my new work. I am also so grateful for the Exhibition Assistance grant that I received through the Ontario Arts Council. I was approved in the nick of time and was able to use the grant to purchase all the frames for my paintings. Without it, this exhibit would have been a pitiful sight.

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