Traffic Box Mural

During the first half of 2023 I was in a pattern of receiving rejection emails after rejection emails and getting a disheartened.

Luckily, a last minute cancellation for this year’s Outside the Box Program created space for another artist and the curators of StreetARToronto sent me a last minute request seeing if I was available to paint during their scheduled painting timeline.

I jumped at the chance and completed my first traffic box mural this year!

My traffic box is at the south east corner of Bremner Blvd & York St, in Toronto.

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As with all new experiences, I learned a lot from a technically and socially. Socially, painting in public was interesting and I had a lot of positive interactions, but I can see how draining or intimidating it can be for introverts.

All in all painting a traffic box mural was a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying way to spend 4 days outdoors!

Thank you to Michael Cavanaugh, Kseniya Tsoy and the curators of StART and a big thank you to my kind and doting Outside the Box Coordinator, Lula Lumaj.

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