Vamos Ser Bons Uns Para Os Outros – Garage Door Mural


Earlier this year, I created mockups and applied to paint some Bell utility boxes in my nieghbourhood. For both calls for submissions, I was sadly not selected.

So, instead of letting my ideas and designs go to waste, I thought, why not paint my own garage door?

This was my first outdoor painting/mural. Luckily my neighbourhood paint shop, The Paint Department and the staff at The Collective  answered all my newbie questions and set me up to be able to do my best work!

‘Vamos ser bons uns para os outro’ (Let’s be good to each other in Portuguese)

I wanted create a mural that was positive and could possibly uplift a viewer. So with the help of my neighbour Aida Jordao and my friend Chelsea and her mum, I was able to translate my initial ‘Let’s be kind to each other’ into a Portuguese phrase that didn’t sound preachy or awkward.


Vamos ser bons uns para os outro: It’s my wish for the world and my homage to my dear neighbours and neighbourhood, of Little Portugal in Toronto.



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My mural can be seen in the alley north of Dundas St. West, just east of Sheridan Ave.

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